Lisa Hensley Celebrates 30 Years @ Walling Distributing


lisa-sm.jpgWe've said it before...Lisa Hensley loves spending money. She buys beer. Lots of beer.

We'll remind you that Lisa is our Inventory Programming Manager and is responsible for overseeing products worth tens of millions of dollars. It is Lisa's task to make certain that you, our loyal customer, has an ample supply of the beers you enjoy.

Lisa is one of more than 630 in her field employed by Anheuser-Busch distributors in the United States, and, again, she was the best. The cream of the crop, top of the heap!

For 2015, Lisa was the number 1 sales forecaster in the nation! The absolute best in the nation. Again. Lisa took top honors every way she possibly could. She was #1 in the state of Virginia, #1 in our 13 state region, and #1 in the United States.

She's simply the best. In the fall, Lisa will celebrate her 30th year here at Walling. We're very glad she's here.

Congratulations, Lisa!